Admission in PG in Germany

Admission in PG in Germany is the low cost option for MBBS students as compared to do in India especially who would apply after completing final Kenntnisprufung exam in Germany after FSP. So let’s now help you to understand how all the process will happen for all the MBBS and BDS Doctors in Germany and how they will get Admission in PG in Germany later on.

In the very first year the student the doctor would be able to go for medical training Hospital trainings visits and simulations as it is a core component of the first year as far as practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge is concerned. The best thing is that in the very first year they will be able to learn all the medical terminologies in German language is well because they need to work on patience and handle them. At the end of the day we have to understand the patient would be using their language their own language other it is English or German so it is very important that a doctor should comprehend the native language of the country so they will be nicely equipped with the language training as well which would be free of cost in the first year up to C2 level.

From the very first year learning the medical terminology is and all about medicinal structure it will form the basis of the very specialised course for doctors related to medical terminologies and subjective knowledge they need to strive and prove themselves in the German medical industry. This will not only help doctors to understand all the basic and advanced aspects of their industry but it will also help them to crack all the future interviews which certainly they would require for completing their specialisation and super specialisation in any university cum Hospital.

Post-graduate abroad is becoming popular day by day as the post-graduate opportunities abroad are well developed and provide a high quality experience and education. There are various opportunities for obtaining post graduate studies abroad. This is highly true in case of medicine post-graduate course. Post –graduate medicine courses after completing MBBS is always a topic of difficulty for doctors in India. Apart from the USA, Germany is the upcoming destination for doctors to complete their post- graduate medical degree. Indian doctors highly prefer Germany. PG in medicine in Germany after completing MBBS in India is one of the best available options.

Studying medicine PG in Germany contains many challenges but also offers an outstanding opportunity for the future. Germany is offering the students cost-effective studies not just for their national students but for the international students also. PG in Germany after MBBS in India is one of the best options among overseas medical PG options.
Post graduation courses after MBBS is always a point of worry for Indian doctors. On looking for alternative solutions, they literally have to decide to pursue Medical PG abroad. And at their age, probably, settle down abroad as a MD / MS! One of such destinations where the Indian doctors prefer to pursue medical post graduation in Germany.
Talking about Germany, University of Applied Sciences is providing you the programme named PSP. That is a pre-study programme. PSP-PROFESSIONAL, this is for the students who has done or completed their graduation (MBBS).

In the very first year the student or the doctor would be able to go for medical training, hospital visits and simulations. Practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge is concerned, and the most important thing the student or the doctor will be able to learn all the medical terminologies in German language. This will help them to understand the patients and his/her problems or their health issues.

After  the student need to sit for the FSP exam to fetch the TEMPRORY MEDICAL LICENSE (TML) after that the student can give exam of KENNTNIS PRUFUNG minimum after 6 months or maximum 2 years. This exam will help them to fetch the GML (Permanent GERMAN MEDICAL LICENCE) or this will help the students to get the permanent residency. Fachhochschule university is going to help the students for the preparations of the exams.

Taking about the fees or the total cost of this programme is €20790. The student needs to pay this amount in three instalments the very first instalments is of €5900, second instalments is of €18,000. Remember blocked account is different of 10400 euros.

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