Difference between Public and Private Studienkolleg

Studienkolleg is a initial course for International students who wish to pursue their Bachelors in Germany, so lets understand the difference between public and private Studienkolleg today. For pursuing Bachelors in Germany you should have 13 Years of education. For compensating the one year you either have to pursue a course in Studienkolleg program in Germany.

There are two types of Studienkollegen in Germany. There are two bodies which runs the studienkolleg one is State-run (Public) Studienkolleg and the other is Private Studienkolleg which are obviously state and government approved that is why they exist.

Public Studienkolleg in Germany

The Public Studienkollegs are State-run. In Public Studienkollegs, the tuition fee is less no doubt. But on the other hand students have to sit for an Entrance exam (Aufnahmeprüfung) to pursue a course in a Public Studienkolleg. The seats are allocated based on the rank or marks you are obtaining in the entrance exam (Aufnahmeprüfung). There are limited seats available in a Public Studienkolleg in Germany. Only two attempts can be made for a Studienkolleg. There are two intakes in a Public Studienkolleg,
• Winter Semester – September/October
• Summer Semester – March/ April

For pursuing a course in a Public Studienkolleg, you should have a Proficiency in German Language at least up to Level A2. Each Studienkolleg demands its own requirement, so it’s good to verify with the concerned Studienkolleg. Also the Proficiency in German Language is common for all Public Studienkolleg in Germany.

Private Studienkolleg in Germany

There are many Private Studienkollegs in Germany.For pursuing a course in a Private Studienkolleg in Germany you don’t have to write an entrance exam (Aufnahmeprüfung). Some Private Studienkollegs also offer Language course too. So with the minimum knowledge in German language you can apply for a Private Studienkolleg. Private Studienkolleg charges students for tuition fee.

A student will be pursuing German Language till A1 or A2 level in your home country and then he/she will be pursuing rest of levels in Germany. After completing the Language course you will be pursuing a course of your choice in Studienkolleg.

The Intakes are flexible for Private Studienkolleg, there are more than two intakes which are in the month of January, April, August and September. Each Private Studienkolleg in Germany demands its own requirement so it’s better to verify with the concerned studienkolleg.

Our suggestion is go in more focused group. Because, there is no much difference. If you are paying you are getting better quality and ofcourse there will be no entrance exam.

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