Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany

Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany and even Doctors all over the world can settle in Germany after License exams and training for fachsprachsprufung which can be done from us.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL DOCTORS: It is very important to understand that you are Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany that means either Human Medicine doctor or Dentists and you cannot study only normal German language which is being taught in any institute in your regions. You have to get training done by Doctors only as German Medicine language experience is very important for you all. Otherwise, you will not be able to pass license exams easily.

A1 will be done in your native country with our syllabus to be maintained, if not then we are going to train every doctors ONLINE at their comfort and apart from this A2, B1 and B2 will be done online so that once your training starts in Germany once we get you the visa; you shall feel equal with every German Doctors. You as Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany it is very important that your equipment knowledge, Dentistry experience has to be at par with our German Doctors.

Here, In Germany there is no lack of job opportunities for Doctors especially good and experiences Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany to settle in Germany after License or related to any medicine field. We provide many courses in related to medicine term or technology. Many of doctors who completed their MBBS or BDS in India or from Armenia, Russia, China, Ukraine or Philippines, they can apply German university for further studies once they get fully done preparation for Kenntnisprufung and sit for Knowledge test exam.

The question raises now why one should take admission in our Medicine Training Institute in Germany for Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany?

Doctors can only teach doctors, We do not think so that any Arts or only German teacher can train you the way you need to do Medicine terminology and courses for Hospital. This is international Language session for the doctor students where student must do German courses of A1 or A2 or B1 and then our institute in Germany prepares them for Core Medicine language with subjective and Practical experience via Hospitation after sitting for Fachsprachsprufung exam where you get Berufslaubnis.

So we being most renowned group training you as a doctor will help you a lot to grab major experiences and easily you can clear license exams.

So, The whole duration of language course for Doctors to settle in Germany is 1.6 years where we provide them A1-C1 level German language + Fachsprachsprufung exam and then Hospitation and mean while you can do work as a assistant doctor for 6 months or max for 2 years where you will be more proficient in German language or you deal with the patient case and further on to sit for Kenntnisprufung exam for Permanent license.

For Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany what is the eligibility criteria?
Whatever your eligibility is , even if we have to increase it for better future of any doctor there we will take care of that. Quality is more important to us.

What is the total expense for medical studies in German institute for Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany?
The total expense for the medical institute + Eligibility criteria will be around 19000 Euros. This includes everything – Language till C1 and Fachsprachsprufung and Kenntnisprufung plus your Hospitation as well and if possible the job as well.

Why we choose studying PG in Germany for Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany?
Foremost, Germany is one of the best in medical due to the large demand of doctors and for those who would like to do study PG/MD in Germany after MBBS. The decision pursuing your medical career from Germany university would make your career path in best possible way where you get permanent residency via permanent license doctor once you join Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS in Germany.

What other courses can be for Dentists for Non clinical side in Germany?
There are other courses for Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany OR I would say especially Dentists, where they can also explore certain study and job options in Germany at Non clinical side. In India we have seen many Dental students in India who are interested to do MPH in Germany or any Health care Management course in Germany. These courses are for 1.5 years or 2 years where they get trained on all Non clinical aspects of Hospital and the University in this can also help them for career support as well.

Is Indian Insurance included for Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany?
No, when you are going for study in Germany after MBBS or BDS we would allot a person who will take care of Insurance which is to be completed before leaving for embassy.

So once you start your admission process for studying in Germany and getting trained in Germany as a doctor all you need to do is to submit your documents photocopies online only. There is no admission test for Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany. Once your are through the initial protocol you will be directed towards Scheduling of visa interview and looking forward to visa filing and financials. The first installment of the fee has to be paid before leaving for Embassy visa filing. Everything is transparent with the students and duly written and implemented when they approach us for studying Fachsprachsprufung Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS doctors.

For Indian Doctors, MBBS and Dentists in Germany for admissions you can email and call on 9988000640, 8800893640.