Doctorate of Business Administration


As we all know that Germany is best for its education and technology. There are a number of business schools in Germany who is opening day by day but Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is one of the most popular and famous business school among them. BSBI is located in the heart of Germany its capital city Berlin. Every course we offer is designed with these principles in mind, which is why each program focuses on improving your practical business skills and understanding of industry. We will give you the tools and information that you need for professional success, as well as support from industry focused academics that are at the top of their field. You will also benefit from our extensive career support, which you can rely on for guidance and advice.

The doctorate combines modules in advanced management theory and practice alongside training in the necessary methodologies and techniques to carry out research in business and management. The main aim of our Doctorate of Business Administration is to assist professionals who wish to enhance.


DBA is a very personal project which means it gives you all the necessary skills and the qualities that is necessary to embark in a career academic or in an executive professional employment or to produce something that is out of the ordinary and elevate yourself. If you are doing a DBA or PHD you are specialized in a particular sector you will not be that unaccepted for five years because somebody else will take your work and precede form that point. Everything that you will peruse is going to calculate as expiration at an academic but what did they provide you is extracurricular activities. So, that in your carrier from now own you can see everything as a project. It provides you skill for life it’s not just an ordinary degree it stays with you for the rest of your personal and professional life.


After successful completion of the DBA in Economics and Business Administration program, students will have opportunities to work in areas such as banking, finance and accounting. Successful graduates will have the knowledge and skills to secure placements in large consultancies firms, international retailers and fashion houses and other service industries. You can also pursue research degrees in top universities around the world. In addition, graduates on this program can apply for exemptions from relevant professional examinations of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Students on this program may also become student members of the Institute of Management.


DBA fee will cost the student around 15,000 Euros per year.