Nursing in Germany

Are you planning Nursing in Germany? Are you from a Nurse in India who has completed B.Sc Nursing 4 years in India? If yes, then this is the right place, right article to guide you through whole process.

Germany – the land of ideas offers amazing opportunities to the international students in the field of nursing in Germany. As Germany is one of the best countries in the world in terms of healthcare system so there are lots of opportunities for nursing. Salaries of nurses are really attractive and are one of the best in the world. Study in Germany leads to a rewarding career in whatever field you choose. Study in Germany also can easily leads to German Permanent Residency or Blue card which can make you eligible for a German Citizenship post German PR.

There are thousands of jobs for nursing in Germany so studying Nursing in Germany could be the best decision which students with medical background or Nursing Background can go for. Nursing in Germany is all about touch. In Hospitals, private care centers and Elder care centers the nurses take the holistic approach in helping their patients throughout the day. One should understand that Nursing in Germany can be most rewarding and proud professions to be in. Not only this Germany has specially designed schools of Nursing, wherein they train the Nurses who come from India or any other country and train them on Language, you then register for the work and thence the job placements takes place.

Study in Germany offers plethora of options in nursing in numerous branches such as Oncology, Cradiology Nursing, Elder care center nursing, child care nursing centers, Private and family Nursing, Psychology, Paediatric, Prenatal, Public Health, Legal nurse consulting, Neonatal, Occupational Health Nursing and many more. Germany has world’s best healthcare systems and due to the ageing population of Germany, demand for nurses from abroad is growing day by day there. Today in 2021, Nursing in Germany has increased so much in demand that they require 50,000 Nurses as of now. All international students need get training in Germany in Nursing language training courses in Germany which will help to match their knowledge and skills according to German standards and set protocols.

So what is your first step to start your career as Nurse in Germany?

  1. You will complete your application form with us and send your notary attested documents’ photocopies.
  2. We will apply in Nursing German course and you will complete your A1 and A2 maximum from India from our TELC Trainers who will train you as per German Standards.
  3. Meanwhile, you do language we will start your documentation in Germany.
  4. And then your file will be send to embassy for the process to complete.
  5. Once you reach there for Nursing in Germany – very first step you will complete your C1 German language level.
  6. Once you complete and sit for exam, you will be given opportunity for the job placements in various hospitals and care centres.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Nursing in Germany?

  • B.Sc Nursing will do plus if you have experience that can be counted otherwise freshers can also apply.
  • A1 and A2 level only will be done from India. We recommend NOT to do B1 – C1 from India as specialised TELC training is not possible in India for Nurses.

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