Study MBBS in Germany

Study MBBS in Germany

Study MBBS in Germany can be best option for those who do not want to waste their money in donations etc for an MBBS seat or any medical program seat in Germany. Germany is the land of ideas, cutting edge medical technology and strongest economy in Europe which welcomes best students from medical background with open arms. Studying Medicine in Germany is one of the most sought after professions in this beautiful country because of less competition but highest value for grades. You would be surprised to learn that despite of being the strongest economy in Europe, Germany offers MBBS for free to international students.


As of March 2019, Medical companies in this sector had a turnover of more than 12 Billion Euros making Study MBBS in Germany option one of the most attractive study programs in Europe. Average salary of a medical graduate in Germany is higher than in any of the fields and is currently around 49000 Euros per year approx after internship once you get Approbation. Study MBBS in Germany for 6 years for free will fetch you the German Permanent Residency via Fachsprachsprufung and Kenntnisprufung which would enable you to work & live anywhere in Europe and avail the most exciting career options in the medical field.

Study MBBS in Germany+ PG/ MD Graduates in Germany can work in the extremely diverse areas of medicine. Study MBBS in Germany can be a watershed moment in the lives of the medical students from overseas. Many medical universities in Germany are two centuries old and offer the highest quality of medical education in the world. Free MBBS in Germany is attractive proposition but also you need to work hard to get studying Medicine in Germany as you need to be best in studies and your studienkolleg M as well.



– How to get admission for free MBBS in Germany?

To study MBBS in Germany free, you just need to undergo one year state recognized program ia privateschule for studienkolleg Medical with best marks which help you in realizing all your dreams. MBBS or MD Study programs in Germany are not only free but are also WHO recognized and will train you to become the best medical practitioners according to the highest global standards. But even if you are already an MBBS or a MD Graduate, you can make your degree highly valuable and easily attain the Germany Permanent Residency via Fachsprachsprufung exam and Kenntnisprufung within around two years through an extremely cost effective state programs after your Graduate in Surgery or MBBS.

Just five years after your German Permanent Residency, you can become eligible for the German Citizenship. With German Citizenship, you can get the German Passport which is the world’s most powerful passport with visa free travel in 176 countries. So Studying MBBS or MD for Free in Germany is indeed the best decision a medical practitioner can make from overseas.

First of all, you need to get good marks in 12th and good grades in Studienkolleg Medical Exam called Feststellungsprufung. These grades are very important to get Study MBBS in Germany. The preparation will already start in India.

Eligibility: From India you need to do A1 and at least half A2 of German Language and rest A2 to C1 will be done in Germany as per TELC standards after which you will complete Studienkolleg medical.



– What one can do after Studienkolleg Medical?

Once you have received good grades in Studienkolleg you will finally prepare your application according to your grades in Germany. If your grades are excellent you can easily secure seat for Bachelors in Medicine in Germany for free and of course there are many other courses which are recommended for any Studienkolleg Medical student such as: Bachelors in Psychology, biophysics, Biochemistry, Bioeconomics, Zoology, Botany, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics or any other medical field you might be interested in.

You will require to complete your internship period as well during your medical bachelors in Germany. It is very important to note that exams and licenses are important to clear in Germany with good grades and that’s the biggest reason the studies are free.



– Structure of Language and Studienkolleg medical in Germany?

So first you will start your A2 in Germany and complete C1 and then after this in the same year you will complete Studienkolleg Medical in Germany which is also known as 13th year or foundation course year in Germany. Being official representative we urge students to do this from our Privatschule and not from any university which is asking you huge amounts of fee. Once your studienkolleg is completed you will be continuing your free Bachelors in Public University. 

It is not only MBBS, but you can also look for various Bachelors in Germany options.



– What is expenditure for Studying Free MBBS in Germany?

Maximum package can go upto is 9900 Euros. Apart from this you will have Blocked account to take care which is 10360 Euros according to update from Embassy.



– Can you skip studienkolleg to study MBBS in Germany?

No. for more information call our Medical course manager at 9988000640.



– Our procedure for studienkolleg M:

Our process is free for all Indians and Africans. We work for students related to their filing for Germany, Visa process and documentation and protocol documents + catalyzing admission in Public University. The service charges will be different for admissions and protocol documents.


We will prepare the documents as per requirement of Studienkolleg and Public Universities. This will include all our services.

We train all our medical students in India and abroad online via certified trainers of TELC.

We submit documents individually in Public Universities in Germany via special tieups and get admission letter for every student. This process takes 2 months and have additional application fee.

Contact us:

You can contact our Medical admissions team to Study MBBS in Germany at 8800893640 or email

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