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T-Kurs Studienkolleg in Germany

Germany has been known for long as a land of Sciences and leader of Engineering and for that we have T Kurs Studienkolleg in Germany. One can find ocean of courses in Germany as far as Engineering and Sciences are concerned. Moreover after completing T Kurs Studienkolleg in Germany one can opt for free studies in Germany.

Studienkolleg is also known as 13th class in Germany which you cannot skip. The only way to skip is by getting admission in one of the best private Universities in Germany.

The cost of studienkolleg is usually 11 Lacs but throughout the year we are running huge scholarships where we provide students upto 50% fee reduction as Scholarship by helping them and writing scholarship and sponsorship letters.

Why T Kurs Studienkolleg in Germany is worth doing?

  • T Kurs Studienkolleg in Germany provides an open platform to get admission in upto 10 Public Universities and you can choose best for you. This is the important step to get Post study Work Visa. Once you get job everything is settled.

The type of courses you can take up after T Kurs Studienkolleg in Germany are as follows:

  • Bachelors in Computer Sciences, Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence or Software Engineering
  • Bachelors in Mechanical or Mechatronics
  • Bachelors in Textile engineering
  • Bachelors in UX / UI
  • Bachelors in Aerospace, Aviation or Aeronautical Engineering
  • Bachelors in Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, Telecommunications
  • Bachelors in Dairy Engineering
  • Bachelors in Bioengineering, Bioinformatics
  • Bachelors in Cyber security, Information systems, cloud computing, creative computing, Game Design

These are just to name a few.

However, it is important that students shall grab the best knowledge during T Kurs Studienkolleg in Germany and then we will also help in getting further admission in Public University in Germany.

What you do in T Kurs Studienkolleg in Germany?

  • You are expected that you do only A1 or A2 level from India especially from TELC Trainers which are available at and then you also complete your admission process. Once you come to Germany you will be taught till C1 and then subjective and terminology experience in our best studienkolleg in germany.
  • Locations we prefer for students are near ESSEN, BONN and BERLIN.

To know more please contact us on 7428121640.