Spain or the kingdom of Spain as it was called formerly is the largest country in South western Europe and second largest in the European Union. Spain has an exciting history which will make you indulge in itself as soon as you land their with old European style buildings, colorful cities and spray paint art all around the country. With 3 major seasons Spain is dominated by a warm and humid climate and dry and cold in the northern part of the country. As a student in Spain you can certainly enlighten your world to so much more of Spain’s exciting history, travel across the country and explore the beautiful beaches, the historical palaces, the scrumptious food, the never seen culture and so much more things to add to your experiences. Spain is indeed a beautiful country with ebullient people extraordinary culture and mesmerizing beaches you would not want to miss at any cost. For students it is definitely the perfect place to study in, you will know why as you dig deep into this article.

Why Spain and not any other country?

Every year tens and thousands of students from across the globe make their way to Spain to attend one of the 76 world class universities located in the country. There are n number of reasons to study in Spain,be it the knowledge, the enlightenment or ofcourse the beautiful beaches. Spain provides its international students the opportunity to create new attitudes and concepts about life and carves the students to lead a life like a leader. It gives students a fresh perspective on the world around them.While quality education is among the main reasons why international students should study in Spain, you will be able to find plenty of other complementary factors that add up to the experience. Given below are some of the to why studying abroad in Spain makes the perfect experience.

1. Definitely the quality education

Spain is a choice for majority of the students from US, UK, France to pursue their higher education. Universities of Spain focus not just on theoretical knowledge but pays a great deal of emphasis on the practical applications of it in the real world experiences. It makes you life living ready, to deal with anything and everything.

2. Study in English or Spanish your choice!

A fact that cannot be denied is that majority of courses in Spain are taught in their local language that is Spanish, but there are options of English taught programmes as well. Many of the courses are bilingual ie. you have a choice to study in English or in Spanish. Though a fact that cannot be overlooked is that being well versed in Spanish is important to communicate, read signs and find a part time job.

3. Learn a new language- Spanish

Being in your 20s is a great time to explore and learn new languages. It will not only help in your present but also will diversity your resume for the future. Spanish being the 2nd most spoken language in the world, people well versed with it are more likely to find a job in Spain than English taught students.

4. New country new possibilities and diversified knowledge

There is just so much to learn while being a foreign student, either related to academia, culture, customs, traditions, styles, architecture, or music. You will find yourself indulging on everything new, the food will definitely mesmerize you and the Spanish architecture will grab your attention in an instant. You will get to speak to people who come from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures, and a simple conversation will teach you plenty! Spain is the perfect place to learn, especially considering it is one of the most popular destinations to study abroad, with around 194,743 international students pursuing their studies in Spain in 2019.

5. Why to limit yourself when you can travel

To the beaches, to the architecturally historic places in Spain. Every weekend go for a short holiday to different parts of the country explore cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville etc. and expand your horizon of knowledge.

6. Ahhh…. the Spanish cuisine

Whether you are up for tapas, paella, churros, tortilla, fabada, or anything, really, Spain will not disappoint. The food culture is what makes Spain quite interesting to numerous international students as well, and it surely adds so much to the study abroad experience. Spaniard are quite fond of their food, and chefs cook with a lot of love and this is likely what wins them all those European awards. Well, who can study and explore with an empty belly? Food is important and so it should be!

7. Affordable living

Compared to different European countries Spain is quite inexpensive and caters well the international students.

In Spain you earn you save and you spend.

The top Universities you can’t afford to miss!!

Best University or Business school in Spain

EU Business School

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Tuition fee: 20,850 EUR/year

EU Business School is recognized to provide students with crucial knowledge and skills on how to become an effective leader. Elaborating on some of the most complex issues and aspects of the business world, students are taught problem-solving skills, the ability to think critically, and how to excel in business fields across different industries. Creating decision-making skills and learning all the essentials of the business world are just a few of the characteristics that define this school. The academic staff is comprised of numerous experts in the field, including entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders, so students have the possibility of getting their knowledge from different aspects and perspectives.