Why you should not skip Studienkolleg?

Why you should not skip Studienkolleg?

What is Studienkolleg? and Why you should not skip Studienkolleg?

Studienkolleg in Germany is a preparatory college in Germany designed to prepare incoming international students who are willing to study in Germany but whose qualifications don’t meet the German education system criteria. Usually, a Studienkolleg in Germany course lasts for a full academic year. Its intention is to prepare you with the required skills and knowledge on particular subjects related to your favorite university course.

Studienkolleg is an initial course for International students who wish to pursue their Bachelors in Germany. For pursuing Bachelors in Germany you should have 13 Years of education. For compensating the one year you either have to pursue a course in Studienkolleg program in Germany. There are two types of Studienkolleg in Germany and two bodies which run the Studienkolleg one is State-run (Public) Studienkolleg and the other is Private Studienkolleg.

Studienkolleg has 5 main subjects like M, T, and W & G. M course is for the students who want to study medical in Germany. In this they learn the language from B2-C1 and with that they also learn the terminologies of their medical profession in the German language. T course is for the students who want to be an Engineer. The student will learn the language and simultaneously get the knowledge of the terminologies of their engineering profession. W course is for the students who want to study management in Germany. Like other courses Language is one of the major thing a student will learn and with that all the basics of terminologies.


After Studienkolleg there are one exam that every student needs to give is TELC. The Institution will be preparing the students for that exam

Depending on your study field you want to study in Germany you’ll be required to attend one of the following Studienkolleg courses, which are as follows:

First, T COURSE (for engineering students)

Second, M COURSE (for medical students)

Third, W COURSE (for business students)

There arestudienkollegen in almost half of the Germany states and one of our PrivatSprachschulestudienkolleg is providing discounts and other is providing Scholarships. The fee for private which is 9350 Euros is better than public. The public one is less costly but in this you need to have at least 85% or more and do till B1 level in India. Whereas, private only need to have A1-A2 level. In addition, these universities provide legal and career support services.


PRIVATE STUDIENKOLLEG: – We are going to provide scholarships for Studienkolleg upto 2 Lacs atleast

For pursuing a course in a Private Studienkolleg in Germany you don’t have to write an entrance exam (Aufnahmeprüfung). On the brighter side, some Private Studienkollegs also offer Language course too. Therefore, with the minimum knowledge in German language, you can apply for a Private Studienkolleg. Private Studienkolleg charges students for tuition fee.


Studienkolleg is an important part of the German study system. No international student is allowed to skip the studienkolleg if he or she wants to do further studies in German Taught degree programs. In conclusion, this is very important step for entering German Universities.

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