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Why we choose germany for the career?
For the career of study free MBBS and MD in Germany we know that Germany is one of the best for medical science in Germany from all over the world. Choosing your career is one of the most important decision that you ever make. German medical association offers a wide variety of program to the international student. So here, you can fulfil your dreams to get admission in German university.

Is germany providing free MBBS and MD for students?
So here, answer is YES , Germany is providing Free MBBS and MD for students. Now the question raises in mind- HOW? Getting admission in German university is the dream of every student after 12th class medical. There are many courses in different field in German university which are to be provided to student but among all those medical courses, study free MBBS and MD in Germany is one of the best course which is on high demand in Germany. For studying free MBBS and MD in german , you no need to waste your time for NEET exam , for that you just have to do PSP medical classic or Studienkolleg Medical plus FSP which is to be provided to student from our university – Fachhochschule universities for Studienkolleg and for study free MBBS and MD in Germany or MS hochschule universities which are public universities and they are MCI recognised and DCI recognised as well. And there you get temporary licence once you complete MBBS 5 years , and later on in MD or MS can apply for permanent licence and PR as well. PSP CLASSIC MEDICAL course is that where student can learn medical subjects in theory and practical and certain medical terminologies in german and projects work in lab. We provide training to them on medical subjects such as bio, chem. And physics that is to be in german language and we provide certain provide certain project work that would help to get a job as a Assistant doctor and your salary would be 5000 to 6000 euros which is more than enough in germany.

For getting admission in German university what are eligibility?
Don’t think much , here you need not go for NEET exam or language courses now . For getting admission in german university you just take DIRECT admission in university for which the offices are in Bangalore and Delhi and for that You just have IELTS 6 band and do A1 german language level that is more than enough and even study for MBBS in german language is easier than English because in german language you are not required to think about tenses and structural formula as like in English and you will be well proficient in whole german language within 2 months time.

What is the total expense for medical studies in Fachhochschule des Mittelstands?
This university is the best and biggest for providing many medical courses. We train our students on subjective and practical knowledge required to become a German Doctor who will be licensed and will make you clear your FSP exam that will help you to proceed free MBBS /MD in Germany. The whole expense of fees and everything including visa filing will be 18990 euros and blocked account will be extra at 8700 euros. This includes study material, Indian insurance and filling cost and 1 year hostel is included in that. Once the student start their MBBS where you will get your internship as a Assistant doctor while you can do free MD as well which is in English language and that degree will be recognised and accredited by german medical societies and all over Europe and internationally as well.

Check more information here.

So if you are really interested to do MBBS/MD in germany that too free of cost . Take your decision and make your career in medical where you get permanent licence , job and permanent residency . and you will be settled in germany . For admissions you can email and call on 9988000640.

Study Free MBBS in Germany with the help of Aloha Consulting admission team.  And to do that studienkolleg and medical PSP is one important thing to do to sit for FSP. Studying free MBBS is a dream of many students after completing 12th class in India. There is wide range of courses which are available in Germany for example after 12th in school from India you can give Medical Sciences Engineering and Management courses. There are two Intakes in Germany; the first intake is in March and April and second is in October and November every year.

The medical courses which are to be provided to students after 12th class can be Studying in Germany for free MBBS or BDS or even biotechnology apart from the this there are around 30 more various fields for different medical clinical and non-clinical medical bachelors which students can do after 12th class in India but Studying in Germany for free MBBS is most famous course among all medical universities of Germany that is also known as PSP medical classic or Studienkolleg Medical plus FSP which will be provided from our tie up universities and after that MBBS and MD would be free of cost.

This is biggest university and major institutes or colleges for providing courses of Studienkolleg or Study Free MBBS in Germany and after that medical sciences and MBBS will be free of cost. Studying in Germany for free MBBS in German language that is the first reason is made free of cost. But good news is – German as a language is easier than even English. Now you might be wondering why? Because it doesn’t have that tenses and structure problems like we have in English. Students easily can learn whole language in 2 to 3 months only. Now your main problem is solved. Whereas these universities in Germany are MCI recognised and DCI as well. We tend to provide students with best Studienkolleg Medical course or Study Free MBBS in Germany for first one year in which we will be teaching and training them on different medical related subjects and Biology, Physics and Chemistry in German Language only, in addition to this we have certain projects works and lab work included in it. This is the holistic way we are going to work on our students while they are in Studienkolleg medical course or Study Free MBBS in Germany at the German university we tied up with.

After Studienkolleg you will be having Free MBBS / BDS or any bachelors of medical sciences or Bachelors of Biotechnology or any other bachelors you may choose from 30 options available related to medical sciences. So basically, you need not do Language courses now for going to Germany just take direct admission in University and save your one year which gets wasted otherwise. Apart from this; your eligibility criteria is just IELTS 6 bands overall and atleast do A1 German Language level and A2 classes can be carried on until you receive the visa. Check Studienkolleg information for that.

The German University will train you on FSP as well this exam will help you for further Studying in Germany for free MBBS. This FREE MBBS in Germany or any degree like Study Free MBBS in Germany for that matter will be done from Public Universities only whereas even the Studienkolleg will be done in University itself.

The whole expense of fees for Study Free MBBS in Germany and everything will be 19800 Euros and Blocked account will be extra at 10300 Euros. This includes your study material, Indian insurance and filing cost and 1-year hostel is included in this. This fee includes :

  • FSP at German university
  • Insurance for 6 months
  • Free laptop for Germany
  • Accommodation at German university or institution
  • Filing cost
  • Visa fee for German embassy fee
  • Pick and drop facility

Once you start your MBBS especially you will have your internship year included where you will be working as Assistant to Doctors and earning in lac as well apart from this your MD/MS will also be free and the study of this can be done in English language as well. Which basically means your degree will be recognised and accredited by German medical societies and all over Europe and Internationally as well.

Once you gain temporary and permanent medical licenses your salary will be around 5000 to 7000 Euros per month which is greatest of all aspects to be in Germany for your FREE MBBS.

Students who are going to Russia, China or Ukraine should not go there as they will face problems related to internship and not only this no job is provided there and no Permanent Residency is there.

STUDY . WORK . PR is what Germany is promoting you for Study Free MBBS in Germany

Germany provides excellent education for medicine students. The level of education at German universities is very high and worlds best medical educational institutions. Germans are the leaders in medical technology and medical equipment. Germany provides the best and most cost-effective study option for aspiring overseas students.


Germany is offering the students cost-effective studies not just for their national students but for the international students also. If you are tired of giving NEET again and again and couldn’t found any way. We have a perfect solution for you all to live your dream and become a doctor or a specialized doctor from Germany.

Study in Germany or taking about doing MBBS, MD, SPECILIZATION in Germany is very easy, we just need a student who has scored more than 50% in their +2, ,  BDS, MDS OR BPT. You need not go for any German language course in Germany. You will be directly going for UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES or best and cheap language institutes.

Talking about Germany University of Applied Sciences is providing you the programme named PSP. That is a pre-study programme. The programme is of 2 types 1 is PSP and another is language course plus studienkolleg in Germany for Study Free MBBS in Germany, this is for the students who has just completed their +2 or diploma. Then we have PSP-PROFESSIONAL, this is for the students who has done or completed their graduation like MBBS, BDS doctors.

In the very first year the student or the doctor would be able to go for medical training, hospital visits and simulations. Practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge are concerned, and the most important thing the student or the doctor will be able to learn all the medical terminologies in German language. This will help them to understand the patients and his/her problems or their health issues.

By the end of the year the student or the doctor will be placed in a good hospital as an ASSISTANT DOCTOR and they will be start earning somewhere around 4900 EURO per month with their MD or PG SPECILIZATION studies. You will be also working for your GML that is GERMAN MEDICAL LICENSE. You will get this license after your first year.

Taking about the German university which are W.H.O and M.C.I approved as well as recognised by these two organizations worldwide.

Study in Germany also has wonderful opportunities in Bio & Biomedical engineering in various disciplines such as Euro photonics, Bio medical technology, Computational Life Science, Molecular Bioengineering, Bionics, Biomedical Computing and many others.

Whereas when you are in Germany, you get medical licenses, Job, internship and Permanent Residency. So basically, you will be settled. For admissions you can call or email Aloha Consulting for Germany admissions or for Study Free MBBS in Germany – and call on 9988000640

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