Study free Engineering in Germany at less cost than India is possible after Studienkolleg only and German language course in Institute which we have is required. Please do not even get into those videos which says you can skip studienkolleg. Those are not true and has no concrete importance in reality.


Nowadays, Germany economy is the largest one in the whole Europe. According to technology, German science has significant and research and technology in the field of science sector. Many of our students has dream of becoming scientists, researchers, doctors after completed studies from medical/non medical background but the main problem is that they couldn’t search or find any college or perfect guidance for their studies. So here, we provide you the best institute to study engineering in Germany so that helps you to navigate your career in the best way. Certainly, if the students complete studies from Germany, then surely they get a job as per their qualification with a good perk or packages. Basically, we are taking students from Asia, Ukraine, Philippines or Cameroon for free engineering in Germany and we also have seven centres across the whole world. so here, those students who have completed their studies from science background they can easily apply for free engineering in Germany studies.

In Germany, there is no requirement of NEET or any exams to get an admission to study engineering in Germany university. For getting admission of free engineering in Germany, you must have clear GERMAN LEVEL A1 COURSE which is very easy to grab it. After intermediate, you can go for language courses where you can learn German up to C1 level after that you have to sit for Aufnahmeprüfung exam and that helps you to communicate in German with German localities and then after you can go for studienkolleg course for pursuing further free engineering in Germany and the duration of the course would be 6 months and then you can sit for FSP i.e feststellungsprufung and then after the whole studies of BTECH/MTECH COURSES in any stream is free. In the meanwhile, you can also do part time job and during bachelor’s, we also provide you the internship with MNC companies which makes your profile more relevant there you get the practical projects which you can handle in companies and yeah if we are talking about packages then yeah you can earn 2000-3000 Euros per month which is more than enough.

The duration of language course is 6 months where you get the German classes up to C1 level so that you can sit for the exam which is to be conducted every month. Precisely, German is much easier than English. In German, you no need to think about the structural grammars which means very easy to grab it. For studying free engineering in Germany, we assist to filing up your application form, we assist you in accommodation booking, we also provide you the German laptop which helps you in studies and we provide you the pick and drop services. And we also assist you in visa extension and also provide you the medical Indian insurance as well. Once you complete your bachelors from Germany, you will get job very easy and you will be associated with the MNCs Company that helps you for getting blue card in Germany. The whole fees structure of free engineering bachelors in Germany will be costing around 7 lakh where you get highly recognised Germany courses and also you get a chance to work with highly developed technologies which is using by German companies so that golden platform for everyone who is having dream to become a scientists or researchers that can be fulfilled by joining this German university. So particularly, this is the main fact why individual should choose German universities other than other universities. And other reason, there is 1 lakh job opportunities in every sector in Germany and definitely you will get a job once you complete your education from there. So basically, if you are looking for high packages which is not possible in any other places so Germany is one of the best options for them.

To Study free engineering in Germany, there are three types of Studienkolleg – medical, engineering and management. These three kinds of Studienkolleg are done by the students who are going to Germany after 12th class in India or other Asian countries. The Studienkolleg Technical is one important step for any student who would like to do low cost engineering BTech and MS in Germany in any stream for that matter such as computer engineering, mechanical engineering or Robotics etc.

No student need to go for any language course when planning for study engineering in Germany and definitely in case they want to become engineers and study BTech engineering in Germany and especially settled down there with blue card. So what they have to do? The students can now directly take admission in Studienkolleg technical and enjoy rest of their studies free of any tuition fee.

The eligibility criteria for studying free engineering in Germany after 12th class is that you need to do A1 and A2 level of German language and continue doing your A2 German language until you get your visa. Giving A2 Goethe is not important at all but it’s great if you have 70 percent or more in your academic background. After studienkolleg whole engineering in Germany which includes BTECH and MS is free of cost. The internship will be provided by university and jobs are more than a lac available easily wherein you can work and get your Bluecard easily and be permanent in Germany then thereafter. Free Engineering in Germany is not only theory but includes higher amount of practical and international experience as well.

So if you are doing language course in Germany you will be wasting your 8 lacs in doing course and then accommodation expenses and other living expenses and it may take up to one year and then again you got to do Studienkolleg in some university that too public where they pay no attention and hostel fees will be there. Which basically means expenses will be 15lac plus FSP fees. But if we go to Germany only for Studienkolleg then also expenses are same but your 6 months to one year will be saved which would otherwise have got wasted in just a language course which is free of cost in Germany. So why to pay for something which is free.

The Technical education’s for the study engineering in Germany first degree especially the BTech will be in German language and MS can be done in English language as well. In Recent years our students have taken admission in TU universities league in Germany after successfully completing their course with us. Not only this the students of varied interests have got good paying jobs around 3400 Euros per month over there. We do consider training every student in Studienkolleg technical which is also known as PSP classic technical on theory and practical lab aspects as well. The subjects like physics, chemistry and other engineering projects will be in syllabus that too German language and terminologies will be used to fulfill the concept of German level Engineering.

The admission to study engineering in Germany in Language courses are not important now because one can directly do Btech and Mtech that too free of cost after Studienkolleg FSP. Majority of students are looking for German Universities direct admission as they would not like to waste their time in mere German language course because anyhow the expenses will be same. For instance, even if you take language courses then even you will have to pay accommodation and food and living expenses. So in language course visa expenses and time frame is more than expected.

Once they clear their FSP statesexamen they will be able to go for their free studies and apart from this blocked account is now increased and have to block 10600 amount as supporting funds.

So, if you are really interested to Study Free engineering in Germany that is BTECH/MTECH in Germany that too free of cost. Take your decision and make your career in engineering where you get job and permanent residency. and you will be settled in Germany. For admissions you can email and call on 8800893640.

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