MBBS in Germany


Study in Germany as far as medical studies or MBBS in Germany are concerned is offering +2 medical students to live their dream and become a successful doctor. This course is designed for the International students who dream about continuing their higher studies in Germany especially in the field of Medical. As we all know that Germany is a hub for medical science. In Germany we have world famous pharmaceutical companies who are producing medicines and providing them to the whole world apart from that we also know that all the equipment we are using in hospitals or in private clinics they all are made in Germany.


Study in Germany – ADVISETREE is there to help the students to choose the right track or right way after completing their 12th class. In India we have certain entrance exams or we can say the students need to clear NEET to get admission in MBBS but in Germany things are opposite. There is no entrance exam to get admission in STUDIENKOLLEG M kurs and then MBBS.


Studying MBBS in Germany will lead you to MD. In this program hospital visits, trainings, simulations all these things are included. In India where a student spent crore of money on their studies but in Germany after 1st year your studies are going to be free of cost. The studies are free till the research work.


After 4th year they will be placed as interns under HOD with assistant doctors in good hospitals clinics so that they can grab a good amount of salary from the very next year hence we can understand that the doctors in Germany will be earning somewhere around €2000 to 4000 euros per month on an approximation.


This is a stage the study in Germany advise tree in India, Asia and Africa is going to help doctors in India and abroad so that they can study for their and take up any specialisation they want starting from emergency medicine to cardiology neurology and surgery. Find more about Study in Germany MBBS.


This is a platform for all the doctors where they will have a direct approach and direct contact with University admission team and whit regional managers in India would be helping all the doctors in engineer so they can achieve what the exactly want in their life without any hassle and without wasting the money and time in only German language course.

For more information you may contact our Medical Admissions department at 7428121640.

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