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Canada study visa Consultant

Canada Study visa Consultant

We are the best Canada Study visa Consultant in Delhi and Punjab who are working free of cost for all students and our office Advisetree has become an ideal place for  getting admission in higher education studies and is a sought out Canada Study visa Consultant by many perspectives related to international students. Canada has a well-established position among the world’s leading study destinations especially for students of Punjab, Delhi and Gujarat etc. The most popular Canadian provinces for international students and for Canada Study visa Consultants are Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, which between them are home to many of the top universities in Canada. The variety of degree programs from Hospitality to Management and Film production to AEC of Engineering are the best bet in Canada as it is vast with everything from humanities to technology and health industries and sectors as well. Canada is a friendly, safe country with a high standard of living.

Why Canada is the most desirable place among the youngsters to study?

  1. Academic excellence is one thing we believe in as Canada study visa consultant in Punjab Chandigarh Delhi

Canada is recognized worldwide for providing the high quality education in terms of graduate or post-graduate degree and AEC programs.This is why Canada is so popular today not only among Indians but also in other countries.

  • An Excellence Quality of  life

Canada is one of the safest and comfortable countries to live in. International students choose Canada because of the standard it is providing to the them. Canadian culture is influenced by British and French traditions, but its historical openness towards immigration means the country is a melting pot of many different cultures.

  • Earn by doing part time jobs with your study

International student’s gets a chance to earn for their livelihood while their learning process. They can work 20 hours every week during their semesters and full time during the summer and winter breaks.

The Education System in Canada

Like other countries, Canada is also providing three types of degrees to the students – Bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees. Here they also have public and private universities or colleges. Many colleges providing the students with the programs of their interests in a more practical way. We also have a variety of programs for the Indian students to achieve their life goals and get a chance to settle in Canada. Apart from this as the best Canada study visa consultant in Punjab Delhi and Chandigarh we are working hard for all the students so that they can get admission in their desired college and course.

What is SDS and NON-SDS?

  • The Student Direct Stream (SDS) is an expedited study permit processing program for those who are applying to study in Canada at a post-secondary designated learning institution (DLI). The SDS is available to legal residents who also reside in. China, India, Philippians, and Vietnam. Conditions for SDS
  • Student needs to score minimum of 6.5 each in IELTS.
  • Student needs to pay the GIC of 10,300 CAD.
  • Student needs to pay the 1 year full tuition fee whole to the college.
  • Students need to have their medical.
  • Letter of Acceptance from DLI institution. This is very important that your institute or college has a DLI number.

Courses Provided By the Leading Institutes in Canada

We have a verity of programs from the most leading institutes in Canada like:

Diploma in business administration co-op.

Diploma in Business Management co-op

Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in digital marketing specialist co-op

AEC Film production in Montreal

Diploma in audio and video post production

Diploma in E-commerce and online business management
(for learning business skills)

And so on these are just some of the courses we are naming here for the students who are having a management background or Arts background and would like to go for further studies in one of the best colleges in Canada.

Not only management students, the students who are interested in filming, music etc. there are huge variety of programs for those students also like. We as Canada study visa consultant would provide you free services for Canada visa filing and admission over there.

Why Advisetree as your only Canada study visa Consultant?

It is important that we as your Canada study visa consultant can help you file your visa, take care of your filing and LOMs and LORs apart from this the important queries which you will have; they have to be taken care by the team of International professionals who have experience and have their own studies done from abroad. We have specific colleges we promote strongly as they have huge presence recently among students.

What you can expect from Advisetree as your Canada Study visa Consultant?

We work on holistic approach as far as Visa for Canada study visa is concerned from us. We Train our students. We have worked hard on our students Academic IELTS levels so they get their desired bands. We train them on French language in case they want to learn. We provide free study material in Canada study visa consultation. Apart from this we provide consultation free from India. We have one partnered office in Brampton, Canada. So filing will be done from that office as well. As expertise will be required from Canada as well. Our officer has all required certifications of Canada. In case of any refusals of visa as well we can help again as Canadian office can help us a lot.

In case you are looking for Canada study visa admissions and help for visa filing contact us at 9988000640.