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Study Dentistry in Germany

Study Dentistry in Germany

BDS in Germany- the land of ideas beckons you with excellent career options in Dentistry. Study in Germany for dentistry students is world class and free of cost. Germany has top ranked institutes and universities in the world which are highly specialized in imparting high quality education in dentistry disciplines such as Oral medicine, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Prosthodontics and Conservative Dentistry. Studying MDS in Germany offers wonderful opportunities for dentistry students. If you have completed Dentistry from any Asian country your degree is eligible for MDS in Germany plus we will provide you professional medicine course which will include medical license Salary for doctors in Germany is one of the highest in the world. Germany is world famous for innovative dental solutions and has huge demand for graduates in Dentistry.

Study in Germany could be the best decision of your life as it’s not only best in the world but also free for international students with medical background who are willing work hard to turn their dreams into reality. Studying in Germany would get you a Schengen visa though which you can travel in the most developed and beautiful countries in Europe. After you complete your study in Germany, you can get a blue card thereby making it easy for you to obtain German citizenship. Soon after you get your German citizenship, you can get German Passport which is most powerful in the entire world with visa access to 176 countries. Study in Germany will allow you to work 20 hours a week monthly with an average salary of upto 25 Euros per hour.

Study in Germany is regarded worldwide as one of the best in the world and with a German Permanent Residency you can settle anywhere in Europe. Germany has the most powerful economy in Europe so it also offers the highest quality of life in Europe. Study in Germany is absolutely free after a cost effective one year course there which is known as FSP. This one year cost effective study program in Germany teaches students German language up to C1 level. Study in Germany heavily focused on experiential learning and job oriented courses.

MDS in Germany


After your undergraduate degree, you can continue your education by earning a master in dentistry degree and specialize with in a particular area of dentistry some of the specialist areas in dentistry are orthodontics, periodontics, oral medicine, endodontic, paediatric dentistry and implant logy. With a master’s degree in dentistry your job prospective are excellent.

What Kind Of Career Can You Expect With A Dentistry Degree?

One who is having the degree in dentistry can work in both sectors public or in private dental clinics as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Take A Dentistry Degree In Germany?

Taking about Germany or the University of Applied Sciences Germany. The cost of doing a dentistry degree is very less than any other country. Study in Germany is very cost-effective. The student or the doctor need to invest their money for one time only, in simple we ca n say the student needs to pay once only for his/her education. After that their education will be free of cost in Germany. Where as in India the student spent crores of the money to get a doctoral degree in India. On the other hand if we talk about Germany or studying medical in Germany is way cheaper than India or any other country here the student is paying once and getting a doctoral degree with 100% job placement in the reputed hospitals of Germany and adding more to this student is getting their GML (German medical licence) after the first year. From the second year the student is going to work as an assistant doctor in the hospital and start earning minimum euro 4900 per month.


To study Dentistry in Germany is one of the major professions we have in Germany and certainly we need around 50,000 dentists alone as far as the associations of dentists in Germany is concerned.

The BDS degree of India or of any other country is very much valid in Germany and there is no doubt that there is no entrance examination for doctors to study further in Germany at the same time the doctors are regularly checked and practical work is recommended which is more than 80%. Dentists MBBS MDS or BPT doctors once they complete their specialisation of super specialisation they need to sit for the approbation by which they get German medical licence and they can freely practice in their state or under Germany if they are willing to work out of Germany as well for example any other European countries they can do that.

Every year we give admissions to more than 150 doctors to study MD, MDS, OS or MPT in Germany for specialization or Super Specialization courses via PSP which includes BPT BDS MDS MBBS doctors they should have more than 50% in their Academics and definitely will look for I’ll score as well at least 6 bands each IELTS/PTE module apart from us we would require German language at A2 level certified by GOETHE in home country after that all the other levels required level B1 B2 C1 C2 would be provided free of cost by University of Applied Sciences where they would be taking admission especially Fachhochschule via study in Germany for Doctors.

Study Dentistry in Germany

Doctors can work part time as well during their degree and courses where is we strongly recommend that they can also work in certain NGOs as well while they are studying in Germany. Every student needs to block €9,000 in their account in the home country that is just like supporting funds you show in any other country this helps the embassy to basically understand that yes you are able to support yourself or maybe your parents are able to support you. There are lot of part time jobs which are available for doctors or even for engineers for example they can work as a teaching assistant as well or they can work in their own library or they may find certain jobs related to their field in NGO or some other organisations and agencies.

If we specially talk about BDS doctors from India or from other countries like Russia, Ukraine or China so that they can do Post

    • Graduatrion or Doctor of Medicine in Human Medicine courses in Germany they can take any type of course starting from mere MPH to Oral Surgery, Orthodontics or Periodontics, Endodontics etc which are just to name a few once they are able to complete successfully their first year in Fachhochschule in Berlin they are able to continue their fathers specialisation of super specialisation in Germany. As in the first year they are able to learn all the medical terminologies up to the C2 level of German language and they are able to clear the exam is well upto C1 or C2 they might be going for the hospital visits, simulations which must be done and Hospital training is already included.

So this is a BLUE CARD University Program where and all the doctors and engineers are welcome to complete the course or you can say that they can start their life in a perfect way as Licensed Practitioner in Germany so that they can grab jobs after one year of PSP only as far as the doctors are concerned; by the very next year there able to work as a assistant doctors in state or country side. It totally depends upon them as certain doctors like to work in NGOs as well because they like to serve the nation or the society the Live in. So, the minimum salary of any doctor is around €4000 to €7,000 per month; certainly this depends totally on their prior experience or the type of Academics they are going to do in Germany especially whether they have done PSP or not.

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