Medicine Programs for Doctors

Medicine Programs for Doctors like starting their career first in India with atleast A1 and A2 Level and we will apply for their Recognition of Documents once they start their B1.1 level of German Language with us and by the time they will be doing their German language course for Doctors in India with our certified TELC trainers, meanwhile we will complete their protocol documents with Medical Study and Work Institutions in Germany so that they can complete their C1 level in Germany and then start their Fachsprachsprufung with our institute in Germany which is well known for Doctors Training.

Once they will get their result of Fachsprachsprufung exam in Germany which will get you Berufslaubnis; they will continue their journey towards Hospitation which is very crucial element in the Licensing of Doctors in Germany. Hospitation can take place nearly for 6 Months and after that they will again continue their process if not with us then on their own to get Approbation that is Permanent Medical License after sitting in for Kenntnisprufung which is last step to be working as permanent Human Medicine doctor in Germany. It is though well known fact that you can get free MD or Free PG in Germany once you get Approbation.

Why we choose studying PG in Germany after MBBS and Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS in Germany?
Foremost, Germany is one of the best in medical due to the large demand of doctors and for those who would like to do study PG/MD in Germany after MBBS. The decision pursuing your medical career from Germany university would make your career path in best possible way where you get permanent residency via permanent licence doctor once you join Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS in Germany. So for that, you should consider studying PG in Germany after MBBS via MEDICINE Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS from university.

Why do we prefer Special Government medical schools If the student who has completed MBBS or BPT or BDS from other international countries then we invite you to join this German university. Here, our university offers a best plan for our students i.e. Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP in Germany to complete their MD in a well proficient way. Our university provide 1 year of Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP to our doctor and there, student can learn medical terminologies in German language which help in terms to communicate with the local German community for the job prospectus and providing special classes of medicines and we do certain practical project on patients, hospital visit and simulation as well. In the whole track, we train our students on Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP and then after you could be working as assistant doctor serve in hospital for a year and then on the basis of practical knowledge, whatever they have experience either on patient case study then only they would be eligible for the Kenntnisprufung that is basically exam for getting permanent licence from there you can easily get permanent residency as well. Then after you can do further for Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP in Germany or MD or BPT or MDS from  university which is recognised from MCI and DCI recognised as well.

What eligibility criteria we require for doing PG/MD/MS/MDS/MPT after Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP in Germany ?
Yeah, the whole procedure is very simple. there is no NEET requirement especially for 12th pass students so for getting direct admission in the university you just need to do efforts in IELTS 6 bands and do A1 level of German language that is more than enough and in the mean while you can continue your A2 German language classes till the time you don’t get your visa. You can be doctor MBBS of any country for example Russia, China, India, Ukraine etc we don’t require any approvals for admission or any MCI/DCI approvals. We would require your degree for admission process and you can take admission in Professional medicine course which can lead you to Medical License and Assistant doctor Job.

What would be the total cost/expenditure for Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP?
The total cost would be 12000 euros which includes everything from admission procedure to preparation of interview. Apart from this, the insurance will be taken by the individual before going to embassy and there, embassy would like to see their blocked account money i.e
10500 euros approx . After the Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP, student will earn enough salary as a Assistant doctor and its about 3000 approx euros and then you may find further MD or MDS or MPT. Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP in Germany is certainly the best option.

Is Indian Insurance included?
Yes, when you are going for studying PG in Germany after MBBS we would require Indian Insurance to be completed before leaving for embassy.

So once you start your admission process for studying PG in Germany after MBBS you need to submit your documents photocopy only, submit the Application fee at Delhi office for Indian students and or can be submitted online and sign the agreement that you Will be interested in assistant doctor Job and TML. Once your are through the initial protocol you will be directed towards Scheduling of visa interview and looking forward to visa filing and financials. The first installment of the fee has to be paid before leaving for Embassy visa filing and rest of the amount can be paid later on after you get the visa or go to Germany once you plan to join Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP in Germany .

Everything is transparent with the students and duly written and implemented when they approach us for studying Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP after BDS, Physiotherapy or MBBS. We will be making you understand every medical concept for which you will be highly trained when in PSP Medicine Professional course.

At the end you need to understand that to be German medical doctor you would require to write prescription in German language only once you do Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP after MBBS/ MDS or Physiotherapy BPT in Germany.

If you really interested to do Professional Medicine Course for MBBS/ BDS PSP from German university you can directly contact our admission desk in Bangalore and Delhi at 9988000640.

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