Masters Programs in Germany

Studying Masters Programs in Germany has various opportunities and options for the students who are interested in the masters programs like MBA in Germany or Hospitality management in Germany or Marketing management in Germany or Finance and Investments in Germany etc. The Masters can be defined into two main categories:

  • Student who have 55% percent or more would like to go for English taught in any well known top rated B-school or University or Institute. For this the fee budget for Studying Masters Programs in Germany should be around 9 per annum approximately. Depends on the B-school or University in the Germany.


  • If a student is interest in German Taught programs then the fee will be around 4lacs only and will include language course upto C1 level and then Free masters in Germany.

For German Taught Master Progarms

If you are planning to go for German taught Master programs in Germany then first we will provide you admission in Language course A2 to C1 for which you will do A1 and half A2 level of German language and after this you will go Germany for your language course and then after few weeks/Months you will start your Masters.

For this you will get your both admission letters i.e. from Language institute and Public University both when you start your process with us.

For English Taught Masters Programs in Germany

  1. IELTS is not required for CBSE or ICSE background
  2. German language free
  3. Career support after course available
  4. Free Legal help
  5. DEGREE FROM UK best rated TEF GOLD University.

So to provide best private Universities and B-schools options we are having following ultimate Masters Programs in Germany:

  • MBA in Germany – We have various options for Masters Programs in Germany like MBA in Germany. The total fee structure starts from 10Lac for 1.5 years or 2 Years MBA in Germany. The MBA program in Germany can be on various Majors like – Project Management, Finance, Digital Marketing, International or Global MBA and most famous MBA programs in Germany with us is MBA in Healthcare Management which is having a lot of admissions from last two years. Mostly student enrolled in MBA in Healthcare Management course in Germany which is of 2 years are Dentists, doctors, Medical professionals and BSc Medical students who are actually looking for courses like MPH or Masters in Public Health for them the most valid and suitable course is Masters in Healthcare Management in Germany which we are providing from best Business school with low cost fee per semester with huge discounts or scholarships for all Masters Programs in Germany.

  • MA in Finance and Investments in Germany : This is one of the best courses we have related to Accounting and Finance. The best thing about this MA in Finance and Investments in Germany is that it is a short term Masters in Germany. The duration is 1.5 years and is of 90 ects for MA in Finance and Investments in Germany. We will get you best possible discount as well. For this we need eligibility of at least 55% in Bachelors. If you can show us MOI we can give you admission without IELTS.

  • Masters in Strategic Marketing in Germany: The students who are interested in Going to Germany for marketing courses or any Masters in Management then this can be best Masters program in Germany for you. Even the job prospects are higher than others in Germany. We have discount of 1500 Euros in this Masters program in Germany. This course of Marketing in Germany is of 18 months which has two intakes in one year. The best thing about Studying Masters in Strategic Marketing in Germany is that you will get degree from UK as well, which means having worth of both countries and then having degree from best university will make a lot of difference.

  • MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Germany: This program called MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Germany is for passionate students who are planning to come up with their own business ideas and would like to do startups in future. This course of management in Germany is of 18 months that is 1.5 years. This is not at all costly program. And you can also pay in instalments. We can provide upto 3500 Euros discount in the tuition fee of Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Germany. This course is in collaboration with American University.

  • Masters in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management: For this Masters program in Tourism, Hospitality and Event management we have three intakes which is of March, May and October. This program is of 1.5 years duration in Germany. And the best thing is you get European degree for this. The eligibility is variable in this. This is one of the best course available with us. This is best for those students who are looking for Masters in Hospitality management in Germany as well. However, this field will allow you to get into marketing and get exposure not limited to Tourism or Hospitality sector as well but also for event managing Masters in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management. So the students who are interested in Masters of Event management as well they should gather that they will get knowledge angle of marketing mix, Public relations, advertisements, managing accounts of channel partners which are best for learning in Masters in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management. Moreover, via tourism learning travelling portfolio is one thing you can go for like you can become Guide, start a company in Tours etc via Masters in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management.

  • Masters (M.Sc) in International Health Management in Germany: This Masters program of Health management in Germany is of 18 months and is of 90 ects and the best thing about this course in Germany is that this blended learning course which means you have online + campus classes as well. This course can be done by Dentist doctors, medical specialists or any Bachelors which means one doesn’t have to do MPH or Masters in Public Health but rather can consult us free of the course. All the students will get discount of around 1 lac on this course. Career support will be provided by the respective Institute in Germany for Masters (M.Sc) in International Health Management in Germany.

  • M.Sc in Digital Marketing in Germany– This is one hot-selling course from us. The reason is nowadays everything is about Digital Marketing and no one is much into direct sales. On the international platform it is important and is advised if one is into Digital Marketing for the company marketing practices in Germany. I will suggest every bachelors to once think about this Digital Marketing degree program in Germany i.e. M.Sc in Digital Marketing in Germany. Duration is 18 months with 90 ects which is enough for any Bachelors students from India. You will get degree from highest ranked University in UK once you complete your course successfully. This is most famous course in Europe and IELTS is not required for this M.Sc in Digital Marketing in Germany.

  • Masters in International Business in Germany– This particular Masters is of one year but has 90 Credits with this the good news!! in Masters of International Business in Germany is it is coming with 100% placement record in Europe. For Masters in International Business in Germany we have three intakes in one year that is October, January and March. We have many campuses to provide admission for this course in Germany, Munich, Berlin, Geneva, Montreaux and Spain etc. When students enroll with us we plan an open day for them. Once you are enrolled in Masters in International Business in Germany with this Biggest Business school in Germany, they have varied interesting programs for you like case study participation, Seminar with big industralists and CEOs, Conferences, workshops, company visits and business simulations as well. This course Masters in International Business in Germany has 10 majors so basically you have good amount of choices to go for.

– Apart from this they are offering many other types of Masters programs for Bachelor to students of India, such as Masters in Communication and PR – Public Relations, Masters in International Marketing and Masters in Human Resource Management which is to name a few with them.

The fees they are charging is around 9 lacs INR half yearly approximately for the Masters courses and this doesn’t require any experience. There is 100% surety they are providing for the placement in the Europe.

Eligibility – The minimum percentage you require is 62% with atleast 6.5 overall but we insist for 7 overall.

  • Masters in Sports Management in Germany: Germany has been always ahead in all sports whereas soccer and basketball are the awarded names in the list. So we can provide you Masters in Sports Management with or without collaboration with best Soccer and basketball clubs. So you can have the expertise in given game. This course will be of 1 to 1.5 years and placement will be up to mark as per industry standards in Germany.

  • Masters in Design Management in Germany: This is the full time Masters in Design Management in Germany is of 90 ECTS which is a one year course and they have the best faculty for training you for this Masters Program in Germany. You can become design manager, project manager or brand manager after completion and experience in such programs and job. The areas of subjects include:
  • Theories of management and management
  • Ethics and corporate values
  • Media Management and Law
  • Design theory
  • Project management and project controlling
  • Design methods, models and theories
  • Linear models and interactive design
  • Leadership and self-management
  • User Experience Design and Design Systems

Other Masters programs in Germany related to Arts and Designing are:

  1. Masters in Visual and Experience Designing in Germany
  2. Masters in Photography in Germany
  3. Masters in Media Spaces in Germany
  4. Masters in Blockchain Management in Germany
  5. Masters in Sports in soccer or basketball specialisation

  • Why study Masters programs in Germany?
    • Germany is best possible destination to study Masters in Germany , or I would rather say better than any other country like Canada or Australia on the scales of richness of culture, respect for every religion, best stable economy, hard working people, ever growing structure of economy and financials, Best for Bachelors and to study Masters in Germany, well known private colleges and business schools or Universities and number one place to do your research on any subject or area. Less costly than Canada and UK which makes it best in the world.

  • How you can apply via Advisetree in Germany for your Bachelors or Masters programs in Germany?
    • We at Advisetree work economically and at reasonable rates for our students who are planning to go to Germany for their Language studies in Germany, Bachelors in Germany or MBA or study Masters in Germany in Germany.

Contact Advisetree at + 91 99 88 000 640 or 88 00 893 640 or email us at

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